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United Kingdom, April 26, 2023 Call for union recognition at online retail company Amazon workers in Coventry are calling for union recognition after months of strikes over pay. The tr... [open]
Czechia, April 26, 2023 Trade unions mobilise against higher pension age Trade unions joined the national demonstration against an increase in the pension age that was called... [open]
Austria, April 26, 2023 New agreement for postal workers After several rounds of negotiations, the management and the union of postal and telecommunications e... [open]
Hungary, April 26, 2023 Average gross earnings increase 0.8% In February 2023 full-time employees’ average gross earnings were HUF 531,200 (€ 1,425) and average n... [open]
Luxembourg, April 26, 2023 Unions criticize cargo airline The trade union confederations OGBL and LCGB are jointly sharply criticizing cargo airline Cargolux. ... [open]
Serbia, April 25, 2023 Salaries rise by 16% According to the Statistical Office, average gross salaries and wages calculated for February 2023 am... [open]
European sources, April 25, 2023 Inflation drives real wages down and labour taxes up According to a new OECD report, taxes on labour increased in 2022 as rising nominal wages pushed work... [open]
Spain, April 25, 2023 Legal professionals announce strike Around 8,000 judges and prosecutors are demanding better pay and will go on strike until their demand... [open]
Norway, April 25, 2023 New collective agreement for private sector workers Following strike action, trade unions covered by the main private sector agreement with the NHO emplo... [open]
Austria, April 24, 2023 Agreement in chemical industry After intensive discussions in the second round of negotiations, the Association of the Austrian Chem... [open]

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