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Hungary, May 24, 2022 Unions against restricting teachers’ rights to strike Five union federations, SZEF, ESZT, LIGA, MSZSZ and MOSZ, protested against a bill seen as seeking to... [open]
European sources, May 24, 2022 Roadmap for strengthening vocational training Labour and employment ministers of the G7 agreed on a roadmap for a ‘Just transition: Make it work to... [open]
European sources, May 23, 2022 European semester spring package addresses labour market issues The European Commission published the European Semester Spring Package. The Commission also proposes ... [open]
Czechia, May 23, 2022 Two-thirds of professionals expect to earn more in 2022 A new survey conducted by personnel consulting company Hays revealed that two-thirds of professionals... [open]
United Kingdom, May 23, 2022 Pay gap between executives and staff expected to widen Research by a think tank suggests that the gap between the pay of company executives and other worker... [open]
Estonia, May 23, 2022 Advise to expand unemployment benefits The European Commission recommends Estonia to expand unemployment insurance benefits to cover non-sta... [open]
Croatia, May 23, 2022 Ambulance drivers and nurses strike Approximately 400 non-emergency ambulance drivers and nurses started an open-ended strike. The worker... [open]
Greece, May 23, 2022 Pensions to increase in 2023 The pension is set to increase in 2023 for the first time in 12 years’ time, according to the Deputy ... [open]
Portugal, May 23, 2022 Public service workers join protest over pay Public service union STAL joined in a national demonstration. The main call was for government action... [open]
Slovenia, May 22, 2022 Students prefer hybrid work According to a survey by a student employment agency, the student labour market has changed significa... [open]

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